Writing on frontend development, SEO, AI & web3

A collection of articles ranging from technical deep dives to hot takes on the latest trends in the industry with some how to guides thrown in for good measure.

Deploying a Prismic and Next.js blog to Now

A look at how to deploy a Next.js and Prismic powered blog to Now's serverless architecture. Now make this very easy and their free tier is very generous.

Prismic Preview in Next.js

Adding Prismic preview functionality to our blog so that you can preview unpublished posts. Excellent for when developing new features or content types.

Google Analytics with Next.js

In this post we look at adding Google Analytics to our Next.js blog powered by Prismic.io. This part 3 or a series of blog posts.

SEO in Next.js with next-seo

Brief introduction to next-seo a new plugin for making SEO easier in Next.js projects. In this post we walk through adding it to a Hello World app.

SEO in Next.js and Prismic

We look at default SEO, page specific SEO, Open Graph tags and JSON-LD. Along with enriching these with Prismic.

Server side rendered blog with Next.js and Prismic.io

In this first post of a series, you will learn how to create a very simple server side rendered blog, powered by the Prismic.io a headless CMS. And the frontend will be powered by Next.js.

CORS and Prototyping with live APIs

A quick look at a little package I built to enable me to build prototypes against production APIs without CORS getting in the way.

Emails. Yes Emails.

A project to create a workflow that would make working on emails easy, enjoyable even?